I am committed campaigning the way that I intend to govern, and that is with a people-centered approach. For me, that means building a broad coalition of support from across all different spectrums.

I don’t, and won’t ever have all of the answers, and so that means that I am depending on my partners to help educate me on the most important issues to their communities and hold me accountable when I am not leading with their best interests at heart.

I welcome and hope to earn the support of as many organizations, caucuses, labor partners, individuals, and ultimately voters of Ward One as possible throughout the duration of my campaign and beyond.

I look forward to doing this work with all of you!


“AFSCME Council 5 proudly endorses Liz De La Torre for Ward One to represent Ward One on Saint Paul’s City Council.De La Torre is an advocate, a first-generation American, and a former staffer for Congresswoman Betty McCollum. She is also an AFSCME Local 8 member, serving as an advocate for sexual assault victims for Saint Paul-Ramsey County Public Health.We are proud to endorse a leader committed to the principles of equity, transparency, and justice for all Saint Paul residents.”

Wedge LIVE

“My first impression from Ward 1 when I attended the DFL caucuses in March was that I liked Liz De La Torre quite a bit. This is especially true when she talks about affordable housing, zoning, and transportation. Rather than checking off a list of talking points, she talks like she’s actually spent time thinking about it. She pushes the envelope on things like parking reform and ending single-family zoning, even when she could easily answer the question without bringing it up. As a council member she would be a leader on these issues. … In both De La Torre and Bowie I see the potential for real leadership, an authentic desire to serve people rather than entrenched interests, and the ability to make their work on the city council about something bigger than themselves. If I were a Ward 1 voter, I would rank Liz De La Torre first and Anika Bowie second.”

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Naomi Kritzer

“After watching [The League of Women Voters forum] I was more impressed by Liz. She seemed to be working with a large base of knowledge, both on a personal level and as someone who’d done policy-related work in the past. She and Anika are mostly in line with each other politically, but I think Liz is better equipped to be more effective on the City Council.”

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Jim McDonough, Ramsey County Board Chair

“Working in Ramsey County and the community, I have watched Liz bring her own lived experience to the work of improving people’s lives and lift our communities and neighbors up.”Liz brings dedication, passion, and an unwavering commitment to her work as a Sexual Assault Advocate. She’s been instrumental in changing the way we respond to victim/survivors across disciplines.”Liz understands the nuances of policy making. She’s not afraid to ask the tough questions and speak from the heart. She will continue to be the fearless advocate she’s always been on behalf of our communities and all our neighbors in Ward One.”

Jon Schumacher St. Paul Public School Board Chair

“I am thrilled to support my friend Liz De La Torre for St. Paul City Council in Ward 1. Liz in an individual with many firsts; she is a first generation American as well as the first in her family to graduate from high school and college. Liz is smart, honest, and dynamic. She is a listener, an advocate, and cares deeply for all people. Liz will work hard to to promote the issues that affect out city as a whole and I know that she will be an advocate for the students of St. Paul Public Schools at City Hall. I am proud to stand with Liz and her campaign.”

Saint Paul Federation of Educators Local 28




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